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The Top Five Changes between VB 6 and VB.NET


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1st Place - VB.NET is finally completely Object Oriented

Finally! The Gold Medal, 1st Place, the highest award I can bestow goes to ...


VB.NET is finally completely Object Oriented!

Now when you go to the beach, the C++ programmers won't kick sand in your face and steal your (girlfriend/boyfriend - pick one). And you can still code a complete General Ledger Trial Balance while they're trying to figure out which header files to include.

For the first time, you can code as close to the chip as you need to and access all the system internals your heart desires without having to resort to those nasty Win32 API calls. You've got inheritance, function overloading, asynchronous multithreading, garbage collection, and everything is an object. Can life get any better?

Did I hear someone say C++ has multiple inheritance and .NET still doesn't?

Burn the heretic!

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