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Developing Systems with VBA and Office
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Using the common integrated programming language for all of the Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft VBA Overview
VBA is the programming environment for Office. Here's Microsoft's 'official' introduction to VBA. It's the place to start!

Download the Microsoft VBA 6.3 SDK
You can use VBA as a "development language" in your own software! Microsoft distributes the kit you need to do that virtually free (you pay shipping and handling, or you can download free). The kit contains documentation and tools for hosting VBA, but the SDK isn't necessary with Office, because it already includes VBA.

Excel VBA Tutorials from the Excel Advisor
Simon Conroy [simon.conroy@the-excel-advisor.com] has created some great beginning tutorials for Excel VBA at his site. Simon told About Visual Basic that, "I've found that one of the best ways of teaching my clients is to get them to single step through real-life examples." Try stepping through Simon's examples. It's a great introduction.

Excel VBA Q & A
This page from an independent Excel consultant features an interactive list of "What is ... " questions that target VBA development for the Excel environment. A good place to look for the answer to your question.

Outlook 2002 Object Model Map
This is a great map of the complete Outlook 2002 object model. Although there is a "big picture" that you can look at, you can't read the print. You have to download Visio or Acrobat and zoom in on what you're interested in. Even if you're not interested in Outlook, this is worth checking out just to see what a complete object model looks like.

How to Create Custom Contact Forms in Outlook 2000
A Microsoft Support Webcast (video, audio, and links) done on March 28, 2000. About 30 minutes long, a Microsoft Support Engineer shows how to design forms and add script. You need a good connection to view this, but you can also download PowerPoint slides and read the transcript.

Developing a Visio Application with VBA
Visio isn't Office, and in fact, it wasn't even Microsoft until they bought the company recently. But Visio was one of the pioneers in using VBA outside of Microsoft as an application language. Here's an article that talks about how to develop in Visio.

Working with ADO.NET Datasets in Microsoft Office
Whenever we shift our technology focus to today's cutting edge and .NET, XML and web services become part of the focus. Not for beginners due to the technical content, this article shows how to build applications using VBA and Office that takes advantage of distributed web services and the Internet.

Programming Microsoft Office Object Models
This is a much more technical article that was originally presented at a Microsoft Developer Conference. This one gets deeper into actual code issues and includes a code download for the article examples.

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