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Readers Respond: Which Development Methodology Is The Best One?

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From the article: Development Methodologies

About Visual Basic Reader Ollie McPhee recently posted a message in the About Visual Basic forum asking for help in deciding which development methodology is the right one to choose. Let's give him some.

Great! I'll pass it on to them!

You should see what I have to do to create the pages here! I really have no idea what methodology they use. I've always been on the other side of the wall and it's interesting being a "user" now. I suspect that there are two primary considerations that have shaped whatever methodology they are using: (1) When developers are talking to users, they aren't writing code. (2) Who is in charge, anyway? People who have to use the system or management? Anyway ... I really will pass your comment along through internal channels. But your response doesn't answer the question. Now that you have delivered your complaint, what advice can you provide for Ollie?

First, I'll express the one I wouldn't

It was a struggle to get my opinion in this piece. I was just responding to an email that I get periodically from Dan's ABOUT column. When I tried to respond, I was asked to login with my User ID or email address to which my email address was rendered (Invalid e-mail address) Funny -that! I'm responding to an e-mail I received from a segment of ABOUT.Com, and when asked to log in, the message is my email address isn't valid. Even if I copy and Paste it. My first question -now, would be Which Development Methodology About.com uses? And through the process of elimination, that would be the first one I would tick off. Cheers

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