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The VB.NET Special Topics Books

Special Topics are usually more advanced applications or subject areas where more expertise with VB.NET is assumed. Usually Visual Basic .NET is the method used to teach something specialized and focused. Browse this list to see if the book you need is here.

Microsoft Visual Studio Tips

If you write VB.NET code, then you spend most of your day working with Visual Studio. Sara Ford, the author of Microsoft Visual Studio Tips, points out that with this kind of leverage, even saving one or two keystrokes will be multiplied thousands of times as you work with VS all day long.

Learn the New LINQ and Entity Framework ADO.NET Technologies with Murach

ADO.NET 3.5, LINQ, and the Entity Framework with VB 2008 is another great Murach "paired page" book! They're still "focused on learning". This book is an updated version of the Framework 2.0 edition and features the new Microsoft technologies LINQ and the Entity Framework! An About Visual Basic book review.

About Visual Basic and About This Site

If you're new to Visual Basic or new to the About Visual Basic site, this article explains both. Visual Basic is defined and introduced and the article explains what the About Visual Basic site is too.

A Glossary of VSLive Buzzwords

The VSLive conference agenda has many fascinating and educational sessions. But it's difficult to be sure because the whole thing is chock full of buzzwords and marketing names that may not be familiar to many people. Since they're not explained in any of the VSLive information, this article defines every term that might be unfamiliar in the VSLive conference agenda.

A database book for the rest of us

Mike Chapple - database guide for About.Com - has written a book for people who don't know a lot about SQL Server databases but need to learn fast. This review gives you both the yin and yang about it.

Murach's ASP.NET 3.5 with VB 2008

Murach's books are unique in the world of technical publishing and are perfectly suited for the targeted goal of learning and training. This review covers their new ASP.NET 3.5 with VB 2008 book, including what's right and what's wrong.

Serial Port Complete, 2nd Edition by Jan Axelson

A foundation book with all the basics you need to work with serial ports and computers.


Generics! Cleaner Data - Faster Code! An introduction to Framework 2.0 and the use of generic data types using Visual Basic.

Review of Building Intelligent .NET Applications

An About Visual Basic book review of the Addison-Wesley book, Building Intelligent .NET Applications by Sara Morgan Rea

Review of Beginning Regular Expressions

An About Visual Basic book review of the Wrox book, Beginning Regular Expressions by Andrew Watt

Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming - Book Review

A review of Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming by Matt Tagliaferri. APress, August 2003, ISBN: 1590591143.

Excel 2003 Programming, A Developer's Notebook

A review of Jeff Webb's new O'Reilly book Excel 2003 Programming, A Developer's Notebook.

Database Programming with Visual Basic .NET and ADO .NET

It's great to find a book that is exactly what it says it is on the cover. Scott Barker added the subtitle to the book: "Tips, Tutorials, and Code" and that's a pretty good description.

Distributed .NET Programming in VB .NET

Distributed .NET Programming is more than the .NET replacement for DCOM. So if you're in the business of building systems that span process boundaries (and … if you're a serious programmer, you probably are) you need to get up to speed on yet another great leap forward with .NET.

The .NET Languages: A Quick Translation Guide

This book is not strictly VB.NET, it's VB.NET plus C# and VB 6. And might be considered a pure reference book. Bischof sticks pretty close to his purpose of providing a book for people who are stuck with trying to be productive where more than one language. This is a book for the working programmer who is constantly muttering, "I know I could do that in VB 6! How do you do it in .NET?"

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET

Dan Clark starts his book in exactly the right place (especially for a programmer). He clearly states the problem: "It has been my experience … that … what perplexes and frustrates many people are the higher-level concepts of object-oriented programming …" A-Men Brother! Especially for VB 6 programmers who think an object and a component are the same thing.

Visual Basic Design Patterns VB 6.0 and VB.NET

This is a book for serious computer scientists … and programmers who want to take advantage of what they've learned in the last fifty years. Until recently, you haven't seen "Visual Basic" and "Design Patterns" used in the same sentence much. All this has changed with VB.NET's complete overhaul of the language and triumphant entry into the world of "fully object oriented" languages.

Learning Visual Basic.NET Through Applications

Here's a fresh idea - relatively speaking: Code up some really interesting applications and when you're finished, you'll know VB.NET! It's actually not new because a lot of authors figured out that this was a great approach in VB 6, ASP, and other (now antiquated?) technologies. (Crooks wrote several of them!) But, surprisingly, there are just a few books like this written for VB.NET.

ASP.NET and VB.NET Web Programming

Matt Crouch has followed up his popular successful (alas, out of print) book based on version 6 of Visual Basic and ASP with this new .NET level book. Matt's personal experience in moving to .NET as an application developer for an internet consulting company clearly shows in a book that covers the things that VB programmers want to learn for web programming.

Professional Design Patterns in VB.NET: Building Adaptable Application

If you're programming for corporate applications (and that's where the money is), the codeword description for much of this is "Design Patterns". It's no wonder then, that there are dozens of software books with "design patterns" in the title that apply this discipline specifically to VB.NET.

Visual Basic .NET Unleashed

Taking advantage of object oriented design in a .NET world, according to the Kimmel, is the way to "unleash" Visual Basic. This is a cookbook of examples about how that is done.

User Interfaces in VB.NET: Windows Forms and Custom Controls

VB.NET, by throwing the door wide open to inheriting and subclassing user interface objects such Windows forms and controls, has created both a new opportunity and new required technical knowledge for the professional programmer. Here's a book about what your customers see first and last. For most of them, that is the system.

Visual Basic .NET Developer's Guide to ASP .NET, XML and ADO.NET

"Developer's Guide" really is the right title for this book because the authors' choices of technologies are just exactly right for the kind of projects that real, working "developers" are likely to get. The book is also great for the working developer because it speaks their language.

Karl Moore's Visual Basic .NET: The Tutorials

It would cost about $3000 - not including expenses - to attend eight tutorials even close to the quality that you get in this one book. And it wouldn't be close to as much fun! Karl Moore has written an eight ring circus of a book that starts with (pinching from countryman Douglas Adams), "Programming, Visual Basic, and Everything" and runs through the most popular and needed topics in VB.NET.

The Visual Basic.NET Style Guide

Why do programmers (well … some programmers) get away with writing code any way they feel like it? It's a very good question, but for those who understand that there is positive benefit in having a consistent and enforced set of coding standards, there is this book ... customized for VB.NET.

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the .NET Framework Class Library

This is one of those thousand page plus books! and Powers and Snell have the room to explain VB.NET and they use the space to very good effect. Rather than an encyclopedia of namespace references, they have created a comprehensive documentation of the same thing.

Advanced .NET Remoting in VB .NET

Ingo Rammer has discovered that VB.NET's role as the logical successor to DCOM has been overlooked by most authors. The book first goes through in-depth coverage of the .NET Remoting Framework in VB.NET. Then the book gets technical in part two. Seriously!

.NET Enterprise Development in VB.NET: From Design to Deployment

This book offers a professional explanation of the in's and out's of what it takes to build 'enterprise class' applications using VB.NET. Although VB 6 was certainly capable of this kind of development, VB.NET was made to capture this market at the corporate level.

VB.NET in a Nutshell

Nutshell books from O'Reilly are the "must have" references. With these books, O'Reilly is taking the "high road" of adding more value and including more content for your book buying dollar.

An Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic .Net

The great thing about text books is that they're produced with the certain knowledge that thousands of students and teachers will meet eye-to-eye in the classroom over their open pages. And that creates sort of a guarantee about their content.

Real World XML Web Services: For VB and VB .NET Developers

Given that Microsoft is one of the leading proponents of Web Services, it's not surprising that many of the cover quotes for this book are from Microsoft insiders. In fact, the only thing that is surprising is that it's not published by Microsoft Press.

GDI+ Programming in C# and VB.NET

The inclusion of this book stretched the limits of our selection criteria of "VB.NET focused" for books but we decided to go for it anyway because it is not only the best GDI+ book for VB available, but it was just about the first GDI+ for VB book available. But just because there are few competitors, it doesn't mean you're settling for less than the best quality book.

Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Platform: An Advanced Guide

When you first pick this one up from the shelf in the bookstore, you know you're into something serious. At almost two inches, over a thousand pages, and over two thousand files in the source code download -- this one is for real.

The Design of Design - Frederick Brooks

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. is a living legend in software development. His project management created IBM's System/360. And System/360 made IBM the supreme player in computers during the mainframe era. When it was all over, Fred wrote "The Mythical Man-Month" - an uncompromising look back at the project - and changed jobs to found the Computer Science department at the University of North Carolina …

Excel 2010 - The Missing Manual

Excel 2010 - The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald is one of the popular O'Reilly Missing Manual series. This review focuses on the Visual Basic macro programming part of the book.

Access 2010 - The Missing Manual

Access 2010 - The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald is one of the popular O'Reilly Missing Manual series. This review focuses on the Visual Basic and macro programming parts of the book.

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