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Find the Visual Basic Book You Need

A good programming book can cost almost as much as the software. A collection of them can cost quite a bit more. But nobody can keep all the facts and details needed to write great Visual Basic code in their head. Read these reviews to make your book budget work as hard as you do.

Coders at Work
After banging my head against a programming problem for half a day or so, I often wonder, "How would a world-class coder handle this problem?" It's not just wondering what the answer is. Would they go out and get drunk, blame the tool, listen to soft music with a warm cloth over their eyes? And what kind of people are these coders. Peter Seibel...

Pro LINQ - Language Integrated Query in VB 2008
The word "Pro" means something in the title of this book. It really is for pro's. As the authors note, most of new functions in VB.NET 2008 are there to support LINQ. So the real subject of the book is "all the new stuff in VB.NET 2008". It's not for beginners, but if you feel comfortable with VB.NET, this book will take you to the next level.

Microsoft ADO.NET 4 Step by Step
Tim Patrick's ADO.NET 4 Step by Step is a beginner level book that introduces Microsoft's data technology. If you're looking for a way to break into ADO.NET, this book will do the job for you.

A Guide to the Win32 API / Hardcore Visual Basic
This legacy review of both Dan Appleman's classic book "A Guide to the Win32 API" and Bruce McKinney's "Hardcore Visual Basic" is retained on the site simply because both have made their mark as great milestones in technology, even though both are seriously outdated now.

Murach's Visual Basic 2010
A full review of Murach's flagship book on Visual Basic 2010. Murach is a very special publisher because they do things differently. They have a unique format that they use in all their books. They have full time salaried authors on staff rather than contracting with lots of different authors. And their books are designed and written with the...

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
Tunnel vision is a disease. This book is the cure. A plunge into Ruby, Io, Prolog, Scala, Erlang, Clojure and Haskell. These are seven of the weirdest and most wonderful programming languages today! If you consider yourself to be a "VB" programmer or a "Java" programmer or some other specific language, you need this book. It will help you break...

Murach's ASP.NET 4 and ADO.NET 4 with VB 2010 Book Review
Murach's ASP.NET 4 and ADO.NET 4 with VB 2010 Book Review

I. M. Wright's Hard Code
Microsoft Insider Eric Brechner publishes the columns that he wrote for nearly a decade about and for internal Microsoft reading. The best practices that made Microsoft great are analyzed and sometimes criticised.

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