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Explanations for the new Visual Basic programmer


These articles explain Visual Basic in a way that does not assume that you already know all about it. We go beyond the boilerplate descriptions you can find at Microsoft to examples and descriptions that you can understand and use in your programming.
  1. VB 6 Tools and Tips
  2. VB.NET Tools and Tips

VB 6 Tools and Tips

Part of the value that Visual Basic version 6.0 still has is the wealth of programming knowledge that has accumumlated for "the most widely used programming language in the world". Find those VB 6 tips and tools here.

VB.NET Tools and Tips

The power of VB.NET comes from the huge libraries code in the .NET Framework. But using all of that power effectively is another story because the number of coding possibilities has mushroomed out of sight. Find the tools and tips that work for you here.

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