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Is WPF a 0.9 Product?

I think that the .NET 3.5 version is!


Updated March 19, 2010

Don't get me wrong. I, and every other programmer I've actually talked to about it, think that WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation - is one of the most amazing technologies to see the light of day since ... well, since .NET itself. It really is going to revolutionize programming.

But right now, the blasted thing is still not finished!

The current state is what I would call, "feature complete". Everything they wanted to be there is there and all of the things that are there seem to work. But they fail to work together a lot.

For example, in my current article, I wanted to change the name of a module from MarginConvert to WidthConvert. This module is referenced inside the XAML code as follows:

   x:Key="convertMargin" />

When you change the name of the Module, these statements are immediately flagged as errors, and that's reasonable. (Well ... Sort of. Everything else below that is also flagged as an error because these are. It makes it tough to sort out what the real error is sometimes. But that's not my current gripe.)

The problem is that when the error in the XAML code is fixed (by changing these names too), the blasted error won't go away! The illustration clearly shows the error is fixed. Nothing has a squiggly line under it anymore. But the error is still there! In a few cases, I have had to resort to copying out all of my XAML code into Notepad to get rid of errors and then copying it all back in again.

This is clearly "pushed out the door too soon" syndrome. And it's not the only one. Things sometimes don't indent consistently. In one case, the code didn't work even though it was typed in correctly. It only worked when it was selected from the Intellisense list. (I figured that one out by carefully watching how the Microsoft experts did it. They never show these bugs because they know how to avoid them.)

I have every confidence that the WPF in Visual Basic .NET 2010 will have these problems fixed. They better be!!

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