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Threading and Multiprocessing

A series of articles explaining VB.NET Threading objects. Threading allows multiprocessor computers to work on several processes (threads) in parallel.

An Introduction to Threading in VB.NET
Threading is a technique that you usually don't learn about until you find that your program just isn't performing the way it should. This introduction shows you how to get started using threads and also illustrates how they work using a Permutations regression example from a previous article running as a worker thread.

Threading - Thread Communication
By their very nature, threads execute independently. Once a thread is started, it will proceed without regard for what any other thread is doing by default. Sometimes this works, but often you need the ability for one thread to let another one know how things are progressing. This article, one in a series on Visual Basic .NET and threading,...

Joining Threads
Threading is an important technique when you want to use different forms to do different things. Eventually, the application has to resynchronize by ending all the threads but one in some way. This article shows how to do it using the Join method to restart the main thread when a subordinate thread finishes.

Threading - Locks: InterLock and SyncLock
Threading is a technique that lets you take advantage of the blinding speed of todays fast, multiprocessor computers by allowing several processes (threads) to work in parallel. But threading requires unique coding to control and manage what the program is doing. This is the fourth article in a series, covering InterLock and SyncLock, that shows...

Threading - Using the ThreadPool Class
Using threads from the ThreadPool namespace makes your app perform better. This article explains and expands an example from Microsoft. "Expanded" because a single threaded apartment model (STAThread) Windows form app is used to kick off the multi threadeded console app that actually writes the files. And the article shows how to see that they...

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