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Object - Definition and Examples in Grammar
A word or group of words, functioning as a noun or a pronoun, that is influenced by a verb (direct object), a verbal (indirect object), or a preposition (object of a ...
Objects and Properties - JavaScript - About.com
Javascript is Object Oriented which means it uses objects.
Direct Object - Grammar Definition and Examples
Typically (but not always), the subject of a clause performs an action, and the direct object is acted upon by the subject: Jake [subject] baked [transitive verb] a  ...
Practice in Identifying Indirect Objects - An Identification Exercise
This exercise will give you practice in identifying indirect objects in sentences.
Practice in Identifying Direct Objects - Identification Exercise
A direct object is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of a transitive verb. This exercise will give you practice in identifying direct objects in sentences.
Italian Indirect Object Pronouns - Pronomi Indiretti
The Italian indirect object pronouns, i pronomi indiretti, and Italian language lessons with instruction in grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
French Object Pronouns - Pronoms objets
Object pronouns are those tricky little words in sentences that replace nouns affected by verbs. There are two types: direct objects and indirect objects, and they ...
Indirect Object - Definition and Examples - Grammar and Composition
When pronouns function as indirect objects, they customarily take the form of the objective case. The objective forms of English pronouns are me, us, you, him, ...
French Direct Objects - Complément d'objet direct (COD)
Direct objects are the people or things in a sentence which receive the action of the verb. To find the direct object in a sentence, ask the question Who? or What?
French Indirect Objects - Complément d'objet indirect (COI)
Indirect objects are the people in a sentence to or for whom the action of the verb occurs. In French, indirect object pronouns can only refer to people, and they ...
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