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Parse - The Opposite of ToString in VB.NET - Visual Basic - About.com
The Murach book Visual Basic 2010 (reviewed here) defines Parse this way: " The Parse method is a shared method that performs the reverse operation of the  ...
Using TimeSpan and DateTime - Visual Basic - About.com
You can assign values to a TimeSpan with the Parse method. This is a Shared function, so you use it with the TimeSpan class directly. This statement assigns an ...
Parse/ Parsing - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
To parse a phrase such as 'man bites dog' involves noting that the singular noun ' man' is the subject of the sentence, the verb 'bites' is the third person singular ...
How to Parse Verbs and Verbals - Classic Literature - About.com
Read An English Grammar, by W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell.
How to Parse XML Files in Xcode (Objective-C) - About iPad
A common task in many iPhone and iPad apps is to parse RSS files or XML files, whether it be for populating an app with data, updating existing data or creating ...
Javascript Glossary - Parse - About.com
Definition: Parsing is the process of reading the source code of your program in order to determine what the code is supposed to do. The Javascript interpreter ...
CSV Example - How to Parse CSV in Ruby - About.com
In this example, we'll parse a CSV file. This CSV file holds the grades in 5 subjects for a group of students (the Corleone family). After parsing the file, we'll also ...
Parse a Delimited String Into a String List (Delphi) - About.com
... strings by using a character as a separator. Delphi provides several methods to parse a string, but you might find that neither one does exactly what you need.
Use OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby - About.com
Using OptionParser to parse command line options is a preferable alternative to GetoptLong or looking through ARGV manually. But how do you use it?
Create, Parse and Manipulate XML Documents With Delphi
Delphi provides a wrapper component designed to read, create and parse XML documents: TXMLDocument . Here's a list of XML related articles and tips:.
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