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Protecting, Preserving and Storing Your Coin Collection - Coins
Protecting and storing your coins so that you can pass your coin collection on to future generations is an important part of coin collecting. There are many things ...
Cataloging Your Coin Collection - Coins - About.com
... advanced collectors from beginning collectors. This article talks about the importance of cataloging your coin collection and simple ways for you to accomplish it.
How to Safely Store Your Coin Collection - Coins - About.com
Improperly storing your coin collection can cause irreparable damage the will destroy the beauty of your coins and the value as well. This article explains what  ...
Rock Collectors: A Collection - Geology - About.com
I like to collect rocks, and so do many other people I know. Rock collectors surely are similar to other kinds of collectors, and surely we have our own peculiarities ...
Safes, Security and Insurance for Coin Collections - Coins - About.com
Protecting your coin collection from fire and thieves is a priority for any serious coin collector. Investing in the correct amount of insurance, security equipment ...
How to Start a Coin Collection on Four Bucks - Coins - About.com
This tutorial will show you how to start a coin collection on $4. We talk about where to get the coins to start your collection (at face value), how to clean and sort ...
How to Start a Coin Collection for Children - Coins - About.com
Many people like to start a coin collection for their children, or grandchildren, as a sort of investment for them. These collections are typically held by the parent or ...
What to Do if Your Account Is Sent to Debt Collections
Most companies will allow your account to be delinquent for a few months before they turn it over to a debt collections company. The debt collections company is ...
How to Start Collecting Coins - About.com
Learn how to get started with your own coin collection, whether it is for yourself or for a youngster. Get ideas on what to collect, how to organize a coin collection, ...
What Are Debt Collections and How Do They Affect You
How worried do you have to be about a call or letter from a debt collector or a debt collection on your credit report?
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