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Kids and Collecting: Tips on Helping Them to Start a Collection
Kids can acquire, stuff to play with and soon to be discarded, or they can collect, and as a collector it just makes me smile when they take an interest and ...
Debt Collection - Credit/Debt Management - About.com
Even though you may owe money, you still have rights as a consumer. Exercise these rights and protect yourself by learning which debt collection practices are ...
What is a Debt Collection Agency? - Credit/Debt Management
Definition: A debt collection agency is a business that collects unpaid, past due debts for other businesses. A company you do business with might send your ...
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for Debt Collectors
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law that governs the actions of debt collectors pursuing personal debts.
Rock Collectors: A Collection - Geology - About.com
A look at several types of rock collectors, including my type.
Selling Your Collection - Collectibles - About.com
If you're not in a hurry, selling items individually will usually bring higher prices than selling the entire collection as a group. It's also harder to find someone to ...
8 Questions to Answer Before You Pay a Debt Collection
Debt collectors don't always follow the rules. Here's some information that will help you deal, or not deal, with collection agencies.
5 Reasons to Pay Your Debt Collection - Credit/Debt Management
Besides getting the collector off your back for good, there are a few other good reasons to pay off a debt collection account.
What Happens If You Don't Pay a Debt Collection
Default on your credit card, loan, or even your monthly internet payments and your account will likely be sent to a collection agency. You're still liable for the bill,  ...
Three Things to Do After You Pay a Debt Collection
Sending payment to a collection agency isn't the end of your relationship with that debt collector. After you pay the debt collection, there are a few more things ...
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