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AndAlso and OrElse VB.NET Basic Logical Operators
NET features two logical operators that help make your programming ... well ... more logical. The new operators are AndAlso and OrElse and they add a lot to the ...
Using Bitwise Logical Operators in Visual Basic - About Visual Basic
Two new operators, AndAlso and OrElse, were added to the VB syntax with .NET. These are used to short-circuit a logical evaluation by evaluating the second ...
Symbolic Logic - About Visual Basic
Since logic is logic and doesn't change, the rules we've been talking about here are the same for AndAlso and OrElse. These new operators are only different in ...
Visual Basic .NET 2010 Express - Visual Basic Fundamentals
Microsoft puts the logical operators, And, Or, AndAlso, OrElse, Xor and the Not operator in their own category because they only operate on Boolean variables.
Symbolic Logic - About Visual Basic
Calculating a Contrasting Color Code The first article in the series. • The Imp Logical Operator • VB .NET New Logical Operators AndAlso and OrElse ...
Symbolic Logic - Visual Basic - About.com
The Imp Logical Operator • VB .NET New Logical Operators AndAlso and OrElse ... Use the And operator with the shift argument to test whether the condition is ...
Using InputBox and the Validating Event - Guide - About Visual Basic
NET AndAlso and OrElse operators are "short circuit" operators. That means that if you have a whole list of validating conditions, you can code them as a whole ...
Programming Visual Basic Quick Tips for Programmers
This article shows what it is, and also explores some dark corners that you might run ... NET features two logical operators "AndAlso" and "OrElse" that weren't in ...
The If Operator In Visual Basic .NET - About Visual Basic
NET now features a new flavor of the If operator. But before we get to that, let's review. The C programmers have always had a "ternary" conditional operator ...
13R -- Field Artillery Firefinder RADAR Operator
A Firefinder Radar Operator is crucial to the Army's field artillery radar team. ... Part of this time is spent in the classroom and also partly on firefinder equipment.
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