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Friend and Protected Friend in VB.NET - Visual Basic - About.com
... that previous versions of Visual Basic did not support. And because it supports inheritance, it also has two new access modifiers: Friend and Protected Friend.
Class Modifiers in VB.NET - a Reference Guide - Visual Basic
A reference guide to the class modifiers that you can code in your VB.NET program.
Raising Inherited Events - Visual Basic - About.com
A longer article about these two "access modifiers" can be found here: Friend and Protected Friend in VB.NET. Notice that the Protected sub in baseClass that ...
Static Methods in C# - C/C++/C - About.com
No public or private etc access modifiers are allowed and no parameters. It can't be called directly. It gets called sometime before any static variable is accessed ...
Java: class access modifier and method access modifier, public ...
Jan 22, 2004 ... ... Modifiers in VB.NET · Public Access to Private Methods · VB.NET Friend and Protected Friend - New OOP Access Modifiers in Visual Basic .
C++ Primer Plus Book Review - C/C++/C - About.com
Reusing code is dealt with in chapter 14 and after looking into multiple inheritance, use of access modifiers, virtual base classes and the second half of the 80 ...
Java: protected constructor and anonymous class?, new timer, code ...
Dec 12, 2006 ... NET Friend and Protected Friend - New OOP Access Modifiers in Visual Basic . NET · New language features in Delphi for .Net. Java.
Programming Visual Basic Quick Tips for Programmers
Need a fast answer to a specific question? Here's a collection of past answers to Visual Basic programming questions that might have your answer.

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