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Creating and Consuming Web Services in Visual Basic
by Scott Seely, Deon Schaffer, Eric A. Smith (December, 2001 - List Price: $39.99)

Creating and Consuming Web Services in Visual Basic

The best recommendation for this book is the first sentence of the first chapter, "If you have never written a Visual Basic .NET Web Service before, you are in the right place." With a nod to tradition, the book starts with "Hello World" - as a Web Service! Using primarily the wizards and automatically generated code provided by VB.NET, they demonstrate that it's only the work of a few minutes to create a service that can be invoked to return "Hello World" as an XML encoded string using HTTP.

There's a lot of magic under the covers, but there's also a lot of instant gratification. To get you launched immediately. By chapter 3, you're off and running with SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. That's the great thing about this book. It takes off like a rocket.

In fact, after beginning from a standing start, the book has great chapters on how to debug and trace Web Services from both the point of view of the server and the client, security, scalability and performance, and maintaining state. The material is well written and presented, but if you don't already have some background in software, a lot of it might not be completely meaningful. The part of the book that deals with foundation software technology concludes with a chapter on the most likely partner for VB.NET in providing Web Services: Microsoft's SOAP SDK.

The last section of the book deals with the business and practical issues of Web Services in a "case study" format. A hypothetical E-Business is created as a Web Service and the issues that surround it are considered and solved. A handy appendix of resources for further study caps it off. Source code is downloadable at the Addison-Wesley web site, but only for chapters 12-15 where the case study is developed.

About the Authors

If you're looking for a great book on Web Services, you might try selecting one that is written by a team that is an example of the concept itself. Web Services is all about selecting the best computing option across the public networks from anywhere in the world. The team that wrote this book consists of a Microsoft insider (Scott Seely), an independent technology writer and consultant (Eric Smith), and a professional developer originally from Israel and now based in Washington, DC (Deon Schaffer).

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