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The Book of VB .NET: .NET Insight for VB Developers
by Matthew MacDonald
(February, 2002 - List Price: $39.95)
ISBN: 1886411824

The Book of VB .NET: .NET Insight for VB Developers

This is an "insight" book … its for people who want to go beyond the code, beyond the architecture, and figure out what it all "really" means. Comparisons between this book and the Cornell and Morrison's earlier APress book, Programming VB.NET are inevitable. The APress book starts out with 'The .NET Mentality Shift' and this one starts out with 'The .NET Revolution'. Amazon offers both as a set. It's also interesting to note that just four months later, MacDonald published a new .NET book for APress.

One of the differences is that MacDonald gets into more about the applications that you will work with using VB.NET, such as ADO.NET, XML, and ASP.NET. MacDonald's goal is to introduce you to the language and coding environment. While MacDonald has something to say about VB.NET and future thinking, he has more to say about VB.NET and coding. For example, the chapter on ADO.NET has lots of code samples showing exactly how VB.NET interacts with it's new data dance partner, ADO.NET. But when it comes to the deeper level of how to use SQL, he recommends that the reader consult a more indepth source.

He also covers topics that you're more likely to run into as a programmer such as a section on the Microsoft VB 6 to VB.NET Upgrade Wizard (something that is missing entirely from an amazing number of the books).

About the Author

Matthew MacDonald is an educator, developer, and possibly most interesting as an author, he writes around. Rather than having an established relationship with just one publisher (many Wrox writers are regular 9 to 5 Wrox employees), MacDonald has published with a lot of the leading technology publishers. He's also passionate about his technology and you can gain a lot of insight about him by visiting his consulting company web page.

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