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Learning Visual Basic.NET Through Applications
by Clayton Crooks II (September, 2002 - List Price: $49.95)

Learning Visual Basic.NET Through Applications

Here's a fresh idea - relatively speaking: Code up some really interesting applications and when you're finished, you'll know VB.NET!

It's actually not that new an idea because a lot of authors figured out that this was a great approach in VB 6, ASP, and other (now antiquated?) technologies. (Crooks wrote several of them!) But, surprisingly, there are just a few books like this written for VB.NET. It might be partly due to the fact that most people are still concentrating on just trying to get a handle on VB.NET and the great applications are, for the most part, still in the future.

The book has a nice pace to it. Crooks spends little time dredging through the fundamentals and gets right to the stuff you need to know to actually build his applications. He covers in just a few pages what some books use a thousand pages for. (The .NET Framework, for example, is discussed on pages 27 - 32.) Almost before you know it, you're writing programs that sort, then calculate, explore your hard drive, send email … Here's one book where it really makes sense to simply browse the table of contents. If you're interested in actually writing any of his applications … Buy it!

Some of the more interesting applications I noticed are:

  • The Registry
  • Encryption
  • MP3

And given the gaming background that Crooks has …

  • DirectX programming for games!

Another convenience that you don't see as much anymore is the Source Code CD-ROM so you don't have to download … you have it all right there.

Applications: GDI+, Microsoft Agent, DirectX, MP3

About the Author

Clayton Crooks II is a consultant and frequent author. He's written a number of books that tend to focus on fun and interesting things to do with computers - like game programming. And, yes, there is a Clayton Crooks III too.

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