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Visual Basic February 2012 Archive


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Ah, What a tangled web ...

Sunday February 26, 2012
I count at least five technologies that Microsoft supports in .NET for accessing databases: -> ADO.NET       (That is, ADO.NET without anything else - the others all use it as their foundation.) -> LINQ ... Read More

Finding "It"

Saturday February 25, 2012
A saga of Microsoft documentation. A new article introducing the Entity Framework is on the site today! The Entity Framework - An intro to the "Conceptual Model" Microsoft technology for databases. One of ... Read More

Bingo Revisted

Sunday February 19, 2012
A while ago, I wrote this Q&D Bingo app in response to a request I received. A Quick Little Bingo Program ... Reader Robert Taubert pointed out that I did something of ... Read More

LINQ to DataSet

Saturday February 18, 2012
The Quick Tip on DataSet in the previous blog was written mainly to support this article about LINQ to DataSet. LINQ to DataSet feels a lot more like "ADO.NET Reloaded" ... Read More

A Quick Tip on DataSet

Friday February 17, 2012
Regular readers of the site know that I'm doing a whole series of articles about LINQ. DataSet isn't LINQ, but there is a "LINQ to DataSet". So I checked what ... Read More


Saturday February 11, 2012
One way to classify the various parts of LINQ - Language INtegrated Query - is by data store. I recently added an article about LINQ to SQL. Another major data ... Read More


Thursday February 9, 2012
The LINQ series, now being filled out at About Visual Basic, has been expanded to include a new article about LINQ to SQL. (Click Here to go straight to the ... Read More

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